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Allstate Termite &  Pest Control, Inc.   


An employee-owned and operated company in business since 1978, with 20 employees serving central to Southwest Florida, and the Tampa Bay area.


At  Allstate Termite and Pest Control, Inc. each employee owns and services their own route which means you will see the same technician each and every time, (not a different person) and he will be more familiar with your past pest issues so he can maintain better control over your environment.  He will take your pest control issue, seriously and personally, and will not stop until the problem is eradicated.


Our experience levels include commercial multi-story buildings, Governmental top-secret installations , Banks and Credit Unions, Restaurants, Clinics, Offices, and Residential customers.


We are fully  licensed and insured for all aspects

of  Household and Commercial Pest Control and

Lawn & Ornamental services.


Specializing  in ants, roaches, spiders, ticks, fleas, bats, rodents, bee removal and complete Lawn & Ornamental

fertilization, weed & pest control.


Our pest control programs include indoor treatments, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly and annually, in conjunction with outdoor perimeter treatments and Lawn & Ornamental treatments.


Outdoor perimeter treatments


Consist of: A  spray around the base of the structure,  one half to 1-inch spray around all doors, windows and entry points, such as outdoor lights, cable boxes, electric power meters and anything else attached to the outside of structure where insects could make an entry and/or nest.  To complete the perimeter, we spray the eaves and overhangs, where ants, spiders and wasps are generally found.

 All pesticide applications are applied according to the label of the specific  product we are using at that time. 


We specialize our  services  which include brushing down the garage doors and entry doors of any webs or wasp nests that are visible to give your property a clean inviting look. upon request and  stated in the contract prior to signing.  


We have found in Areas of high-traffic , monthly indoor pest control, with the outside perimeter done at the same time, maintains very good control over the insect population trying to invade, and generally takes care of the insects carried in by human traffic, such as German roaches, and fleas!


Guaranteeing, discrete and high-quality   workmanship.                       


Sometimes a second trip is needed to get complete control over a pest issue, and there will be no extra charges for the second trip.


Allstate Termite and Pest Control Inc.


All areas Toll free: 800 741 1712 
Tampa call :  (813)  679 -0001   Fax :  (239)  656 -1336